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    How easy it is for people to think and feel, “I’m a victim; I’ve tried everything; there’s nothing more I can do; I’m stuck”.  They’re feeling frustrated and miserable but don’t see any other option.

    Have you ever felt like a victim? A victim to your weight?  To food?  To the needs of others?

    I am learning victimism gives our future away.  Any time we think our problem is out there, that very thought is the problem.  Any time you wrap your emotional life around the weaknesses of another person or situation, you give away your emotional freedom to that person or situation and give it permission to continue to mess up your life.  Your past holds your future hostage.

    I hope this is making sense to you. Think of a time when you ate because you were feeling stressed out, sad, discouraged, disappointed, angry, or maybe even when you were feeling happy or rejoicing and celebrating.  Maybe you eat when you are upset with another person or maybe when you are happy being with another person.  Either way, when you eat in these situations you are giving up your choice and becoming a victim to the feeling or situation.

    I am learning I have a choice to be a VICTIM, A SURVIVOR OR A THRIVER…….

    If I choose to be a victim I give up my future. If I choose to be a survivor then I am just barley getting by and not living an optimal quality life. If I choose to be a THRIVER then I will take charge of my life and health. I will live to the fullest with optimal health and quality living.

    The point is……I do have a choice and so do YOU.

    YOU can take charge of your health/nutrition and live a fulfilling, quality life with loving, rich relationships.

    If you would like to explore options for your health goals in the Kansas City Area, please contact me to set up an appointment.

    Find your voice and take charge of your life!