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    Have you ever heard yourself say:

    “I’m stuck, in a rut.”

    “I have no life. I’m burned out – exhausted.”

    “No one really values or appreciates me.  My boss doesn’t have a clue of all I’m capable of.”

    “I don’t feel especially needed – not at work, not by my teenage and grown children, not by my neighbors and community, not by my spouse – except to pay the bills.”

    “I’m frustrated and discouraged.”

    “I’m just not making enough to makes ends meet.  I never seem to get ahead.”

    “I’m not making a difference.”

    “I’m stressed out; everything is urgent.”

    “I’m micromanaged and suffocating.”

    “I’m sick of all the backstabbing politics and kissing up.”

    “I’m bored – just putting in my time.  Most of my satisfactions come off the job.”

    “I can’t change thing.”

    Do you have job, career, profession or a VOCATON?  What’s the difference?

    If you can relate to any of these statements – then, you need a life coach.

    Call today and schedule a free consultation.